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We know how much a brand identity requirements differ between industry companies. Here’s what we offer as your media marketing experts:


We start the process by performing an audit of your current social media presence and your target audience, focusing on your desired platforms. This is an essential part of the process as we make sure your company is utilising the right channels and keeping your audience in mind.

We will set up and optimise all recommended platforms for best practice and will still provide you with the account details, allowing you to engage with your audience as well which only adds to our efforts.


By strategically targeting users, industry influencers and groups associated with the construction industry and your specific niche, making sure your company brand is leading the latest industry news and discussions.

Not only do we build your audience, but we engage with them too! We will work closely with your company to define your brands social voice to intensively engage with influencers, users and other industry experts to provide valuable insight in discussions.

We will agree an engagement ‘code of conduct’ with you which means that we will not engage with users until we have your permission and expert knowledge beforehand.


We’ll provide you with a monthly social posting schedule so that you will know when to look out for new posts and share content immediately on employee accounts. Our team has industry experts and copywriters who will ensure every post is insightful, valuable and engaging.

The construction industry has extensive visual and written opportunities – Our designers will dedicate time to edit and manage project progress photos to help you define your voice through personalised and curiosity provoking content guaranteed to expand your online presence and organically market your brand.

We also offer a site photography service in which our photographer will visit your projects on a weekly basis to take ‘professional’ photos that will evoke interest and curiosity across your social platforms.


If your company is aiming to dramatically boost website traffic and engagement rates, then digital marketing is the way to go. Digital networks such as Facebook and Google provide a level of data that allows us to target and re-target audiences based on their interests, demographics, browsing behaviour, location and even social connections.

Content can be tailored with interactive formats with content-rich design that can be deployed across multiple channels, ensuring you reach the right audiences. We capture marketing data to test and optimise advertising content to maximise click-through-rates and return on investment.

Our graphic designers can create your digital advertisements from images to high quality video – you just have to set your budget!


We provide comprehensive monthly reporting and analysis detailing how effective our social media efforts are, and how much of a positive impact it is having on your business, ensuring it is exceeding our targets set out during the initial auditing stage.

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