3 Tips for Getting Social Media Ads Right


Social Media has changed advertising forever.

The majority of small businesses starting out in social media marketing continually struggle to hit the sweet spot when it comes to targeting their ad campaigns.

The only reason users follow brands is to stay in the loop with the latest trends or products; We all want to be the FIRST to know.

The millions of social media users are getting fed up by the sheer number of promotions cluttering their feed; a lot of the time the ad doesn’t even interest them in the slightest.

According to SproutSocial, “26% of users actively ignore marketing content, even though 62% follow at least one brand on a social media platform”. Crazy right?

Imagine putting in hundreds of hours of effort into your brands social content and marketing copy for it to be completely ignored by the majority of your target audience (deep sighs).

These stats should make it clear to you why so many social media users eventually become annoyed with ads they find irrelevant, intrusive, or boring.

A woman doesn’t want to see ads for men’s beard products, unless it’s marketed as a “gift” of some sort; it’s all about the targeting and the copy!

So as a marketer or brand, what can you do to improve your social media marketing campaigns?

This article will aim to highlight tips on improving your social media marketing ROI, whilst growing your brands following on your chosen social platforms.

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Leverage Your Expertise –

Before starting any paid social marketing campaign, you must research how your target audience are using their social presence.

This changes with each platform but knowing whether an individual is on the platform for news or for entertainment can have a HUGE impact on your marketing success.

Using your expertise to add value to consumers and awareness to your brand through social media can be done in a number of ways, you just need to find the strategy that works for your brand.

For example, an art gallery is more likely to see a greater return when advertising an upcoming event to local art students, rather than engineers. When honing in on their target audience, the art gallery may give “sneak-peak” snaps on Instagram and then post a video on Facebook that educates the audience on the featured artist’s story or concept behind the collection due to feature at the event.

“You need to add so much value that your audience are oblivious to the content being an advertisement”

When posting different content on various platforms, ensure you link each post that is connected (i.e. Instagram image caption link to Facebook video); this will improve engagement and share rates adequately so that when you use paid advertising the fan base is waiting with open arms.

Stay Authentic –

Social media allows users to connect with your brand directly, whether they are hyping you up, or calling you out on something it’s there for everyone to see.

Being “called out” by a user doesn’t mean failure, it can actually have a positive impact on your brand accountability as long as you respond well and maintain your brand’s voice at ALL times.

The reason for a “call out” is due to perceived dishonesty from your brand, and using a voice and language not native to your brand will only harm your accountability and ultimately, you will lose your social following and sales will drop.

Maintain your brands authenticity by sharing industry news or upcoming trends and products, but you must stand on your own merit.

Whatever you do, DO NOT change your brands voice after developing a following.

Users are most interested in staying connected and entertained, so add value to their social experience and you will develop a loyal, receptive audience.

Accessibility Means Growth –

Building an online following is hard for small businesses, but building an audience of active, reliable followers is even harder.

“You want followers who spread your brand’s content like you would with butter on bread; ALL OVER!

Apart from posting content that is true to your brand image and is engaging, you NEED to make your brand accessible to your audience.

With social media everything is instant. As a brand you can utilise instant messaging on the social platforms to answer customer questions, deal with complaints, and have a closer relationship with your followers.

You must have an immediate response to any messages you receive, that way users will be more satisfied and more likely to take the initiative when spreading the word about your brand.

Be accessible and offer value at every opportunity!


P.S. Keep an eye out for a follow-up post for more tips for getting your social media ads right.

How well is your brand using social media ads? Is there anything in particular you can attribute to your success or failure?– Let us know in the comments below…

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