3 MORE Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Funnel


Following on from our previous post, we have highlighted three MORE ways in which you can use social media to drive traffic to your sales funnel.

Previously, we mentioned that social media is being utilised by brands to build rapport and awareness amongst consumers.

Because of this, brands have incorporated social media in their marketing campaigns to drive traffic through various sales funnels and through creative, engaging content posting, social media has made it possible for brands to reach their target audiences better than ever before.

When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for marketers and brands alike.

Sadly, most small businesses fall at the first hurdle; is your business one of them?

This post will focus on the power of headlines, paid advertising methods, and also how you can use social snippets to maximise your sales funnel traffic – the end goal being to increase sales…

1. The Power of Enticing Headlines –

Let’s test this out… take a quick scroll through your social media timeline (any platform), do you stop at each post, or do your glance at titles as your scroll?

For most it’s the latter right?

But what makes a post stand out and make you stop scrolling to read a post?

It’s the headline; you can capture the eye of any social media audience on any platform with an enticing or stand-out headline.

You MUST Split Test Your Headlines –

You may have 20 years experience and THINK you know what works and what doesn’t, but when it comes to headlines, you MUST test variations of headlines until you KNOW what actually works.

There’s plenty of opinions on what makes the best headline, and social media posts are no different.  

Each industry and niche will have different headlines of course, but there are some easy tweaks you can make that will have a huge impact on your sales funnel traffic.

For example, “Get A FREE 14 Day Trial Now” headline may drive LESS traffic than, “Get Your FREE 14 Day Trial Today”.

How so? – The second headline uses 2nd person making it more personal as if the post or ad is talking directly to an individual, rather than a generic post.

You will be amazed how the smallest tweaks can lead to exceptional results!  – Try 5 variations of the same headline and split test your results.

REMEMBER: The SAME headline on various platforms will perform differently so test each social platform separately!

Numbers Change Everything –

Which headline grabs your attention most? 

A. Look how we helped this brand get 79% more traffic to their sales funnel

B. Look how we helped this brand get more traffic to their sales funnel

I bet if the two were in a news feed, you’d probably stop on headline A; Numbers tend to stand out to readers more than just text.

Be more specific with your figures to make posts more believable to your audience. Remember to split test and tweak your headlines to include number specific stats along with 2nd person language and actionable verbs.

2. Social Snippets BOOST Traffic –

A Social Snippet is a preview of content from an article that is used when shared on social media platforms automatically generated when a link is shared.

Rather than a link, a social snippet includes a brief preview of what the post is about and usually includes an image from the content.

It’s surprising how many brands forget to use social snippets when writing blog posts, or sharing other content from their website. When your blog posts are shared, you must ensure they too drive traffic to your sales funnel.

The social snippets all vary with each social platform, but a post by MonsterPost gives more in-depth information about implementing social snippets for social media.

For best results, you should aim to optimise your social snippets with your meta descriptions and title tags; social snippets can account for hundreds or thousands of free traffic that can potentially generate more sales from your funnel.


3. Paid Social Advertising is Vital –

Paid social advertising is the best way to drive substantial traffic to your sales funnel, especially for small businesses with a small, or non-existent social media following.

Image-based adverts are probably the most effective to ensure your audience stops in their tracks when scrolling to see what the post is about (then the power of the headline piques their interest).

Call-to-actions (CTA) must be clearly visible on your ad so your audience knows exactly what action they need to take and how to actually take action. The CTA is usually a button linking to a landing page or sign-up form for people to book or buy something (usually).

Not only will paid advertising drive traffic directly to your sales funnel, but it will also help you build a substantial social following for organic traffic.

five bulb lights

For a more in-depth guide to social media advertising check out our previous article on “6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Instagram Ads in 2019”; and if you’re itching to get ahead of the competition going into the new year, you should also check out “Social Media Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019”.

Is there any other ways we can use social media to drive traffic to our sales funnels? – Let us know in the comments below!

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