3 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Funnel


Social media can be used by brands to build rapport and awareness amongst consumers to ultimately drive traffic through your sales funnel and generate as much sales as possible.

Social media is probably the most powerful tool for marketers when used correctly. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t; is your business one of them?

Have you ever spent days or even weeks creating a sales funnel, only for it to fail completely?

I’m sure you have. I know I have. The thing is, social media marketing can either make or break your sales funnel, all depending on your method for driving traffic through the first steps…

This post highlights 3 social media tactics you can use to improve the likelihood of your sales funnel success. We go into great detail here so there will be two posts on this topic (Link at the end).


  1. The Power Of The One-Time-Offer (OTO) –


We all click on something when it’s FREE, but the next best thing is something on offer that will help solve our problems or achieve or goals. Social media is probably the best place to use this tactic as your audience is a lot more likely to pause mid scroll and click on your OTO, but it has to be irresistible to them.

You know your audience better than anyone (or you should), so you must know their pain points and goals. To create your unique OTO for your product or service you need to answer the following questions:


  • What do they struggle with?
  • What information do they find easily digestible? (think images/videos/stories)
  • What goals do they have?
  • How quickly do they expect to see results?
  • What value does your OTO offer them?


Answering these questions will improve your targeting and help drive traffic and high-quality leads through your sales funnel; remember this is just the top of the sales funnel.

Examples of OTO’s may be a “FREE Plus Shipping” product, or a “14 Day FREE Trial” software. These offers are all unique to your product or service, you just need to find the right one your audience will purchase.

Don’t Forget The Landing Page –

Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, has made the digital sales funnel so much easier for marketers and small businesses. The man is pure genius (and an innovative marketing expert).

He enforces the notion that all you need is a two-page sales funnel; the sales advert, and the landing page. Of course there are many variations of a sales funnel, and depending on your offer, some will work better than others.

This landing page can be a page on your website (that’s perfectly fine), or you can create a simple page that has a compelling headline, key benefits, a contact/order form, and a clear call-to-action. There should be no distractions on your landing page and it should all be focused on getting your audience to make a purchase.

Check out the ClickFunnels platform and sign up for a FREE 14-day trial here.


  1. Make Sure You Share Your Content On Social Media –

Well duh, that’s the whole point of social media.

Yes we know. But how many brands have you seen with social profiles that burp content out every-other month or so? It is doing more damage than good so please don’t become one of those brands!

Content is so much more than an image with a crappy caption, you must plan a strategy for all of your content so that each post on your different platforms link into each other.

For example, after this blog post we will announce it’s publication, or post a snippet or question surrounding the topic to create interest and engagement around the topic. This should drive traffic towards the blog post and maximise our potential reach, expanding our opportunities to increase sales.

“There’s no point writing content if you don’t intend on people reading it”

Oversharing Is Not Advised –

Oversharing is essentially overkill for your content and will completely kill your sales funnel before it’s even been executed (pardon the pun).

If you are regularly sharing the same content more than once or posting too many times a day, your audience will get annoyed and eventually you will lose your following. To avoid the unfollows, make sure to post unique content and test out how many times a day works best for engagement rates.

If a particular piece of content works well, you can re-purpose it into a video or something related to benefit from the good content, rather than just sharing the same piece.

Different Platform, Different Content –

Facebook is different from Twitter the same way Instagram is different from Pinterest; Each social network platform has its own unique way of showing content.

You will find different audiences on each platform and posting content in the wrong places only leads to sending out the wrong signals which you definitely don’t want for your business.

For example, you don’t post a long, heartfelt story on LinkedIn about how awesome your customers think your new product is; it will more than likely be ignored so save the stories for Facebook! If it’s in a short video format however, you might want to post it on Instagram instead.

We recommend mastering two social networks that are likely to boost your marketing efforts before booting all of the hypothetical social doors down all in one go.


  1. Social Media Groups Are Essential –

Social media profile pages are key to your marketing efforts, the same way a website is; or was, depending on your view of the digital marketing essential these days.

Starting your very own social media group is something you should seriously consider.

There are some pros and cons to this marketing move, especially as it gives all members a voice to speak, but it can be a great way to infiltrate your audience and boost your potential reach, all depending on your particular industry and niche.

Don’t be too disheartened though, I’ve seen group pages with thousands of members, all revolving around miniature pigs (yes that’s really a thing!)

All Members Stay Notified –

This is an advantage, but mainly relates to a Facebook group. You should note that Facebook algorithms dictate which post will be seen on your audience’s timelines, so not all of your fantastic posts will be seen by your audience, even if the like your page (oh the blasphemy).

This is where a group comes in handy. Everytime you post in the group, members will be notified, leaving you to stick two fingers up to the Facebook algorithm (which two fingers is entirely up to you).

Now don’t be a fool and use your group to post a barrage of promotional content, the whole idea is to keep your audience in one place and offer them meaningful content.

Build Your Very Own Community –

There ‘s nothing better than building a community around your brand or products as it allows you to gain direct insights into how your audience interact with your brand (you can forget about the review sites).

Your group is the place for you to prod and poke around your audience’s pain points and goals through engaging posts so you can develop better products and marketing strategies alike.

You will also find out exactly what information your audience enjoys most and create lookalike audiences to market to when testing new advertisements.

So go out there (on there) and build a community that you can engage and rely on…

Final Thoughts –

Social media is paramount to any digital marketing campaign and when done right, any marketer or business can drive traffic to their sales funnel. Now we cannot guarantee success if you have a poor sales funnel, but the tips mentioned in the post should put you on the right path anyway.

**Check out our other upcoming post for 3 MORE Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Funnel.

What successes and issues have you had when driving traffic from social media? – Let us know in the comments below…


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