Updated LinkedIn Features That Will Improve Your Advertising Campaigns

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LinkedIn – THE place to be for B2B and professional services marketing. No matter the size or goals of your digital marketing efforts for your business, LinkedIn’s 500 million active users provide an excellent platform for you to grow your following on a professional level.

From jobseekers, to major players and professionals in any industry or niche, LinkedIn gives you unique targeting capabilities make it so much easier to engage with your intended audience.

2018 has been a pivotal time for all social media platforms and we continue to see a number of changes being made that aim to improve user experience while making it easier for brands and marketers to advertise on their platforms.

This article will take a look at the features and changes LinkedIn has made to their platform over the past year and how brands can use these changes to make better use of LinkedIn’s extensive user data available.

A Refreshed Reporting Dashboard –

For smaller businesses with no marketing department, reviewing and analysing your digital ad campaigns can be a headache to say the least.

LinkedIn has introduced new metrics to help advertisers understand their campaign performance easier and quicker than ever before.

The new additions will see a clean, user-friendly dashboard which allows them to create custom metrics based on the particular campaign objectives.

Not only does it help you analyse the results better, but the new metrics will help you optimise your campaign more efficiently and help you make smarter decisions.

Video Ads Are Here –

We’ve said it time and time again, Video ads are the most effective social media marketing tool to get a message across to a target audience. They work especially well for brands that might need an extra dose of creativity to engage with their audience.                                                                

Why not use images and text?

In some cases, images and text as an advert can offer better conversion rates than video ads. The reason being that the video has a bad script or worse, poor visuals.

In order to make an advert with images and text work, the written content must be crafted perfectly to grab a scrolling user’s attention; You may have a great image that makes them stop to look at your ad, but poor copywriting will mean they just keep scrolling.

In the B2C world of social media marketing, video is already being used effectively on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where users are more inclined to take action from video ads.

It makes you wonder why the best professional network has taken so long to add this feature for marketers.

Until this year, LinkedIn advertisers have had to link their video to another hosting platform, like YouTube for example.

The incoherent user experience results in less views for the advert, but with this update, users can now easily upload and promote video content natively, with better insight into its performance levels.

Well, what are you waiting for? – If you previously linked videos on LinkedIn, it might be a good idea to go through your back catalogue of content and re-upload the videos directly on LinkedIn.

Custom Conversion Windows –

No two ads are the same; every business has different goals in mind for their marketing campaigns. LinkedIn previously offered marketers a ‘30-day post-view’ and ‘30-day post-click’ conversion window which is not ideal for everyone; Now you are able to customise the attribution period and have it align with your business goals.

This custom attribution window allows you to integrate the LinkedIn reporting with other channels, which makes it so much easier for brands who have sales cycles longer than a 30-day period.

Give it a go and you could see a much greater return from your LinkedIn advertising.

Here Come The Carousel Ads –

Finally, the carousel advert format has made its way to the LinkedIn platform.

You should be shaking with excitement! Or is that just your caffeine overload?

There are plenty of processes you can incorporate with carousel ads, its all about finding the ones that work best for your brand.

Of course, carousel ads can promote multiple products, or tell stories about your brand, but what about utilising backlinks?

By uploading 2-10 image tiles in one advert, you can drive traffic to various landing pages on your site which not only makes customers lives a whole lot easier, but can also improve your search engine ranking at the same time.

Check out our previous post about tips for making the most of your Instagram ads where we go much deeper in how to utilise carousel image ads for full effect.

3rd Party Impression Tracking for Sponsored Content –

Along with the refreshed reporting metrics, LinkedIn have partnered with Google’s Campaign Manager and Studio (formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager).

They have followed in Twitter’s footsteps to enable advertisers to report on impressions that lead to conversions and give a greater insight into how their campaigns are performing.

This partnership is an exciting update that proves LinkedIn is finally becoming an innovative media supplier.

Paired with the title of the best professional network platform, LinkedIn will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Lookalike targeting –

When targeting a niche audience, the main challenge is the amount of reach your ad had.

LinkedIn has Matched Audiences data which helps advertisers target high-value audiences who are similar to your most loyal customers.

Lookalike audiences are a great way to engage with new users who may not necessarily be on your brands radar, and also increase the scale of your campaigns and maximise performance where possible.

Bid Auto-Optimisations –

The news all cash-strapped businesses have been waiting to hear; bid auto-optimisation.

LinkedIn have incorporated this feature to automatically optimise your bids to enable the best results possible and spend your advertising budget more efficiently.

This feature will identify the most engaged members on the platform, and will adjust bids accordingly to win the auction. This feature will also auto-adjust your campaigns to show ads to users who are most likely to convert.

LinkedIn are really stepping up to the new age of advertising, using their platform to allow brands to run nimble, innovative campaigns as efficiently as possible.

We can’t wait to see what else they will improve going into 2019.


Final Thoughts

If your brand is looking to incorporate LinkedIn into your digital marketing strategy, these products, tools, and targeting capabilities will most definitely make the platform an integral part of your B2B and B2C campaigns.

It’s an exciting time for LinkedIn, it finally looks like they are embracing the capabilities that digital advertising offers both them as a company, and the millions of users they serve.

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