8 Marketing Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Profile

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You may think LinkedIn is just for professionals and job seekers using the platform to grow their networks and their careers. Sure millions of professionals use the social platform on a daily basis, but how much do you know about using LinkedIn to grow your business?

From generating leads to making valuable connections, creating better brand awareness, and establishing long-lasting partnerships, LinkedIn has become a crucial addition to your brands social media marketing strategy; We all want to be top of the pile right?

Upon face value, LinkedIn is a professional social network built around helping people with their career development, making professional connections, industry discussions, and plenty of other business related activities.

Unlike the other top social media platforms, the LinkedIn community are quick to frown upon blatant spamming and hard selling through content posts.

On other platforms like Facebook, businesses have direct access to consumers and can easily market to them through simple content posting and followers of brands on these platforms already expect, or are aware of brands using the platforms for advertising purposes.

Due to the distinguished professionalism associated with LinkedIn users, marketing on LinkedIn requires a different type of approach to get the results you want. 

To help you utilise LinkedIn as a marketing tool, we have provided 8 LinkedIn marketing tactics that you can apply to create new contacts, grow your business, and find new customers…

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1. Use Targeting to find high-quality leads –

You may be familiar with targeting options available on other social platforms, but on LinkedIn however, the targeting capabilities are unparalleled in the digital advertising world.

Small businesses can hone in on an exact company size, job role, and exact industry of users they know would typically buy their products or services.

For example, you can focus on advertising to small businesses that have 100 employees or less, based in any city, and within that group set you can get ultra-specific to have your ad only be shown to executives within that criteria.

Play around with the ad targeting to see how specific you can get with your campaign; just make sure the users are relevant to your target audience.

Sounds obvious, but I’ve seen brands targeting accounting firms to sell DIY power tools – Your ad campaign will be flawed from the start!

2. Be Consistent with Your targets –

So now you have your target users you believe will become long term customers. Now you need to stay on their radar and be consistent with your touch points. Once you have your list of target users that fit your criteria, begin with a simple introduction and aim to stay in touch through LinkeIn.

You should aim to do daily status updates and weekly LinkedIn blog posts to keep your brand in front of your users network and social feeds. Monthly email would also be a good idea to share stories about problems your brand has helped your customers overcome, and share results and achievements through a well-written email.

Each month (or every 6 weeks) you could also provide extra value to your audience by offering invites to webinars or white paper downloads that cover problems your customers may be facing.

This is a simple guide to staying on your targets radar and is a systematic and inexpensive process for lead generation through LinkedIn. 


3. Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Email List –

Email marketing is essential for any brand starting out on social media marketing. I would recommend crafting a well executed letter as a thank you to users you connect with on LinkedIn.

Within this letter you should invite them to be part of your email marketing list. This is because LinkedIn allows you to message up to 50 users in the same way, so make sure you include a direct link for the sign up in the letter; make it personal.

But what do you put in the letter?

You must tell them exactly what they gain by signing up to your list and offer to look at something of theirs such as an ebook.

This non-committal method of communication will garner you goodwill and is highly likely to grow you LinkedIn network and you email marketing lists quickly.

4. Sponsored Updates are the Way Forward –

LinkedIn’s “pay-per-click” or “pay-per-1000” impression feature for your ad campaigns allows you to target users with similar demographics to other social platforms.

The key differentiation to the other platforms is the ability to custom target users based on company name, job title, job function, skills, previous education, and groups they are in. With Sponsored Updates, businesses can pay to have their post pushed onto and individual’s LinkedIn feed.

Sponsored updates can be a great way to promote thought-leadership content useful to the primary target audience with a strong call-to-action. You can also target interested industries, without having to compete with the noise of other companies and messages they are promoting.

Straightforward “buy this now” advertising doesn’t work as well as it used to, people want to get as much value as possible before making any sort of purchase.

You should use your ads to promote your content (guides, ebooks, whitepapers etc.) through a LinkedIn sponsored update. With this method, brands can target niche audiences, increase downloads and web visitors, and if the content is valuable enough, it will generate sales leads.

5. Post High-Quality Viral Content –

When brands post content on social media, there’s three things that can happen:

  1. It is a great post and gets all the engagement and shares you could dream of.
  2. It is of no use to the brands audience and gets ignored.
  3. Or it is a pushy sales post that receives no engagement and ends up getting lost in the feed.

With LinkedIn, users can be a lot more brutal when it comes to businesses content posts; it is a business networking platform after all.

Good content on LinkedIn can be highly targeted and you should aim to accomplish teaching users hoe to solve a problem, help people do their job better, or establish your brand as an industry thought leader. Each aspect of your content crafted this way naturally leads to more business, but only by offering REAL value.

Offering REAL value will get you REAL results.

When you post good content on LinkedIn, they like to shine a spotlight upon it in one their categories, and can result n your post getting thousands of readers, sometimes more.

This method of ‘viral’ content posting is excellent for improving your brands visibility while reaching out to potential customers in a way that is impossible if used on your website, blog, or posting an article link on LinkedIn.


6. Groups Are Your Secret Weapon –

For any business looking to get anywhere with their social media marketing, groups are the way to go. LinkedIn groups are a great way to ‘listen-in’ on what your audience is talking about and gives you the credibility to interact and offer your advice.

The best thing is, you can message the group members directly without even being connected with them. This is a simple way to save money when building relationships with potential customers.

So what’s the big secret to LinkedIn groups? – You need to create your own LinkedIn group before joining any other groups.

Okay, this may be a time-consuming process but trust me its more than worth it.

Once your group is set up you must join as many groups (LinkedIn allows for 50) where your target audience is hanging out. Pick one group and start checking the members page to find high-quality prospects.

Remember to filter the group member list down until you have a list of your own ideal prospects and invite them to join your group; make sure it’s a personal invite!

Now you have all of your prospects in one place, your very own LinkedIn group. You can control this group so that no competitors infiltrate it, and you can share valuable content within the group that your prospects will love.

Hosting your own group also gives you the chance to flex your expertise while avoiding the common sales spam found in the feeds. In case you haven’t realised, you will have also built an ‘email list’ or focus group of your main prospects on LinkedIn. Start a group today and boosts your chances of generating leads to grow you business.


7. Maintain Your Company Profile Page –

A LinkedIn company profile page is key to building relationships and keeping a consistent presence for your brand on the social platform. The imagery, colours, content, and voice should stay consistent with your website and any other social profiles you brand have.

Keep it updated. There’s nothing worse than finding a brand’s profile page that has been barely used. Creating a profile on LinkedIn and then not maintaining your presence will be worse than not having a profile at all.

Now you have your personal profile page set up, it’s time you claim your custom URL to ensure it includes your brands name and enables people to find your page easily.

Claiming your custom URL makes it more likely for your LinkedIn profile to rank in the top page of search results which is great if people are searching for your brand using search engines, which is especially common for people and brands in the professional services or B2B sector.

8. Connections Lead To Relationships –

No, not love interest relationships, save that for your Tinder account.

You must know by now that LinkedIn is a social platform designed for professionals to network with other professionals.

Connections are the primary feature of the LinkedIn platform in which a business can, and should, connect with prospects, potential partners, referral partners, and other business owners and professionals linked to their industry or niche.

Once those connections are made, your business can decide a strategy on how they intend to nurture specific connections to grow your relationships. Use the LinkedIn platform like any other form of marketing you do, but try not to interrupt users, aim to be “discovered” on LinkedIn by incorporating all the tips mentioned in this article.


There’s too many brands acting like hard-sell sales reps on LinkedIn, just make sure your brand isn’t one of them.

How is your brand using LinkedIn for your social media marketing efforts? – Let us know in the comments below!

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