Social Media Marketing Challenges To Look Out For In 2019

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2019 is just around the corner and for brands and marketers, social media is becoming an exciting place for marketing campaigns what with all the trends and tools available to us; however, it isn’t short of challenges and the new year will bring plenty more for us to overcome.

You MUST be ready…

In this article, we will look at our three main social media marketing challenges we are currently facing and are likely to follow us through to the New Year. Great.

We won’t just point out the challenges though, were kind enough to give you some solutions to the problems and aim to help you thrive amongst the mayhem that is social media.

Challenges we face include the limitations on people and resources, platform algorithm changes, rising advertising costs, overcrowded news feeds, and new trend and tool fatigue; we will focus on the latter three.

Overcrowded News Feeds –

Social media network users are growing by the day, especially businesses who are turning to the platforms to build an online social presence and increase their brands awareness. The result of this is spam; lots of it.

News feeds are being cluttered with “organic” posts from brands that are doing little more than abusing the news feed to post advertisements that add little or no value to the audiences brands work hard to grow and maintain.

Marketers must now fight the battle with spammers and the decline in organic reach.

With less reach, brands are likely to take a more selective approach to social media marketing strategies, and be more decisive when choosing what and where they post their content. Your business will also need to invest more in paid ads going into 2019 to keep your numbers up.

But how can you make your content stand out from the crowd?

Our Solution –

In order to make a real impact in your battle for your space on the news feed, you should consider using video features to your advantage.

The popularity of video usage on social media has continued to grow through 2018, so you should definitely make this a priority for your 2019 marketing strategy.

There are many video formats to choose from for the various social networks including 360-degree videos; Stories, GIF’s, live streams, and many more are expected to pop up throughout 2019.

Aim to use video for engagement improvement between you and your followers, which is particularly a major advantage considering the updated Facebook news feed algorithm.


The Rising Cost Of Advertising –

2018 has seen a substantial increase in brands using social media for advertising purposes; the less ad space to go around, the higher the costs for social advertising.

In particular, smaller businesses who may not have a huge marketing budget to compete with the big dogs, will seriously struggle with the spiralling ad costs going into 2019.

Our Solution –

Although price is an important factor, you must consider these three things whilst setting up your digital adverts:

Optimising your ads for best performance, delivering on conversion rates, and ad spend ROI.

Getting the best ROI from you social media ads is to target the right audiences. Collectively, Facebook and Instagram have just under 3 Billion active users, so you are highly likely to miss the mark if you’re not targeting specific groups efficiently.

When targeting your ads, Facebook pixel makes it much easier if you need to hone in on specific audiences. You need to take advantage of this immediately if you want to have any success in 2019…

  • Custom Audiences – Use this setting to target people who have visited your site, engage with your social content, made a previous purchase, or downloaded any content you create.
  • Core Audiences – Based on users demographics, location, interests, and behaviours.
  • Lookalike Audiences – You can use this to target users based on people with similar attributes to your current customers.

Using these audiences sets for your advertising target audiences will give you a much higher chance of successful conversion rates. So instead of throwing more money at your ads, just focus on the people you want to reach before creating your content.


Too Many Trends and ‘New Tool’ Fatigue –

The past year has seen significant rise in different ways to connect with users on social media networks.

Along with all the trends to follow, marketers and businesses must keep up with the never-ending list of tools that supposedly help you with your social media marketing efforts.

Some of the common trends we have seen this year include video and live streaming, AI marketing (chatbots), influencer marketing, and transient content (Instagram stories) to name a few.

How can you keep up with the trends and tools going into 2019?

Our Solution –

‘New Tool’ Fatigue – When getting used to, or trying to find new tools to manage and optimise your social media advertising campaigns, you need to go back to basics.

Metric measurements of your campaign will be more important than ever as brands look to identify what strategies are working and what isn’t.

If you have been using social media marketing for a while you should stick with the tools and tactics that you have employed previously but hone your analytical skills until your efforts are churning out quality content on all platforms on a daily basis.

For newbies, do some market research for the best ‘do-it-all’ marketing tools so that you’re not drowned by the constant barrage of new tools on the market.

Trends – Your audience dictates your strategies and what trends are worth your time and effort. Understanding your audience is the key to your social marketing success. Marketers and brands must carefully analyse their audiences to see exactly who the are, and what they respond to…

We recommend jumping on some of the trends mentioned from now through to the beginning of the new year to see how your audience reacts and analyse what works best for your engagement and conversion rates.

If you haven’t already, Instagram Stories is a simple, but effective trend you could play around with to start with.


Final Thoughts –

The challenges discussed here may seem overwhelming, especially for any beginners, but with a well-planned social media strategy, your business should achieve its objectives and exceed expectations.

The rising ad costs and algorithm changes shouldn’t dissuade your brand away from social media. Instead, knuckle down on learning ways to overcome the challenges and see them as new opportunities to work smarter, not harder, and ultimately surpass your competition.

Don’t be afraid to try new tactics and trends in the following months. Maybe start Instagram stories weekly, advertise to a new custom audience, or network with your industry influencers. Whatever you do, get started today so you’re not juggling social marketing challenges with the New Year resolutions you’re desperate to keep past January.

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