Creative Lead Generation for Instagram

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Social media has provided businesses with completely new marketing opportunities to reach high-quality leads at a click of a button.

You’re probably using several social platforms to maximise your reach and generate leads of which you hope to turn into long term customers.

Most brands look to Facebook or Twitter for their main marketing efforts and engagement, but have you ever tried directing your Instagram marketing towards lead generation?

With over 500 million monthly users, Instagram could be the ideal platform for your business to draw in new leads.

So how exactly can you utilise your brands Instagram profile to attract new prospects and generate the high-quality leads you’re looking for?

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Instagram campaigns:

Your Brand Must Be Humanised

An effective tactic for Instagram lead generation is to put have a human face for your brand, otherwise known as an ‘attractive character’.

As mentioned many times before, consumers notice a sales message a mile off. They want real interactions and genuine relationships with brands to feel part of the CULT-ure.

Instagram gives your brand the power to add more personal and ‘human’ touches when engaging with your audience.

Humanising your brand is a win-win scenario as you can build the trust of potential customers, turning them into leads, and you can also gain loyalty of existing followers and customers at the same time.

Instead of posting content purely about your products, you should use Instagram as a platform for building long lasting relationships. One way brand’s do this is by posting behind-the-scenes images of your business operations.

This keeps followers updated on the brands gossip/story and adds a human touch to the overall marketing efforts.

So the overall aim of your social profiles should all aim for real and genuine interactions, making sure your audience knows there are real people behind your brand so that it makes your business much more approachable.

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Re-target The Targets

Other than the copywriting, targeting is a huge factor of successful social media advertising. As a business you can make the most of your social ad budget by only advertising to an audience who are likely to be interested in your products or services; it’s a lot better (and cheaper) than the old TV advertising.

When setting up your Instagram ads, you can use Facebook pixels and lookalike audiences to target consumers who posses similar demographics as your existing customer base.

You must use this feature to reach your potential leads through your Instagram ads, but you need to be careful as using the exact same targets as your Facebook campaigns could cause you to be advertising to the same users; consumers use multiple platforms too you know.

To make your targeting effective, utilise ‘long-tail’ keywords to increase the effectiveness of your campaign and put you in front of new leads.

When using re-targeting for social media advertising, you can create custom audience based on the previous interactions they had with your brand. The Facebook pixel allows you to re-target ads towards users who have visited your site, browsed your products, or abandoned the cart before purchasing.

To start with, display your ads to the target demographic most likely to show an interest in your products or services, then re-target users who actually engaged with the ads and browsed your website, or even added products to the cart.

Your adverts will target particular users and this will improve the quality of your leads from ‘okay’ to ‘excellent’, just make sure you have the right content that appeals to users and ties in with Instagram’s user experience.

Be Genuine With Your Fan Stories

Authenticity of your brand usually comes directly from the backup your fans and customers give you. When real people are vouching for you, it makes it much easier to build the trust you truly need on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Sharing images and real stories from your customers of how your brand has made a real difference in their lives will attract a lot more ‘lookalike’ leads that are more likely to make a purchase as they know strangers are already benefiting from the products or services you offer.

These fan stories are serving as an organic form of advertising, but with the added human touch for full effectiveness.

It’s easy for brands to shout and rave about how great they are, but when you have real people offering visual reviews linked with storytelling, your business will see a dramatic increase in lead generation from social media.

Give it a go and you will notice the difference from the very first fan story!

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Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can use Instagram to attract high quality leads, these are just a couple of tips to get your ideas flowing. After reading this post you should have a clear idea of what you need to do to attract an audience who are regular customers at minimal cost to your social ad budget.

All of the tactics mentioned will eventually help you generate quality leads; remember, practice makes progress so don’t expect to get it right straight away.

How are you using Instagram to generate leads? – Share your experiences in the comments below…

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