Top Tips To Improve Your Social Media Advertising Campaigns

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Since the early 2000’s social media has evolved into much more than just a place to catch up with old friends and distant relatives. Most businesses have a social media presence on various networks and are using the platforms for both paid and organic advertising or promotion, although some do it much better than others.

The whole appeal of social media is that it allows users to share information instantly, be it an image, video, or life story. For brands however, social platforms enable them to share content inexpensively (for now), quickly, and reach thousands of users all at once.

The problem is that the majority of brands think setting up a social media account and running ads on the platforms guarantees their success. Fools. Understanding the mentality and intent of consumers is just the beginning to help you create content that eventually converts to sales.

Below are our top tips for getting the most out of your social media advertising. These tips are designed to get your brain churning out content and advertising ideas that will help build your brands social campaigns.

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Give Them Your Best Content

Exciting and engaging content propels brands social profiles exposure to new networks of potential customers. Consumers want to share content with their peers, and your image, video, or story can be the share that reaches 1 million plus potential customers.

Giving consumers your best content every time will increase your reach through digital word of mouth, and because of your reputation for great content, customers will continue to look forward to your future content.

Establish Strong Relationships

Countless businesses are using social media as a means of advertising and people still value social media accounts for brands abilities to create meaningful relationships.

The reason the majority of brands fail with their social media is that they only use their accounts to post advertisements without adding any other content of value or conversation engagement.

You must understand a strong customer base is all about building trust, and consumers can spot an advert a mile off so converse with your following on a daily basis; this way when you do advertise, consumers will not react negatively to your efforts.

Keep Posting

Infrequent advertising on your social media accounts won’t get you much success. Some consumers need to see an ad a few times before it even registers with them, or provokes enough curiosity for them to investigate.

Advertising is the call to action (CTA) for the content you are regularly posting throughout each day. Once you have built a decent social following, you will see a much greater conversion rate on your paid advertisements.

Never Force Customers

Customers buy on emotion, not logic. When advertising your business through social media platforms, avoid ‘forceful’ content and posts that talk AT your followers, and not WITH them. The more forceful your message comes across as a pitch for their money; customers will automatically keep scrolling without a second thought.

The key is to give problem solving benefits of your product or service that resonate with your followers, not just the price and website purchase link.

You need to give incentives that create a sense of scarcity amongst your followers, and make them feel like they’re missing out on a good deal by not buying your offer.

Consistency Is Key

Considering you are an established company (or completely new), your company may already have some blog content, or weekly/monthly newsletters with information you can integrate with your social media network efforts. Remember to suit your content for best-fit on each social platform (e.g. imagery for Instagram).

Staying consistent with your social media efforts prevents you from sending mixed messages or posting inaccurate advertisements. It can be easy for brands to create confusion amongst their followers if they are not paying attention. For example, you may end up posting different prices for the same product on each of your social profiles.

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Looking to get more from your social media marketing? – Get in touch today to see what we offer and how we can help you achieve your social marketing campaign objectives.

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