Pinterest Tips For Social Media Marketing Success


Have you ever created an inspiration book or scrapbook of your favourite clothes, homes, and any other idea you want to keep in mind? Maybe you did 10 years ago, but that has become so last century! Pinterest removes the need for safety scissors, glue, and a whole load of mess. 


Founded in 2009, Pinterest has experienced rapid success, and is now considered the 3rd most popular social platform trailing behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest manages around 25 million active users per month.

Pinterest is built on the foundation of visual content of the highest quality. For companies who produce visual content and infographics, Pinterest can really benefit a growing business and increase their social ROI.

“A picture is worth ten thousand words” – Fred Barnard (Chinese Proverb)

Yes you’ve heard the quote above a thousand times already, but it’s true, us humans love imagery, scrolling through Pinterest to pin pictures from cats to freakishly organised pantries. There’s a pin for everyone, and Pinterest has made businesses wonder how much each picture can be worth.

It’s good to take note that the average e-commerce order from Pinterest is $179, whereas Facebook users spend $80, and Twitter users spend $69 on average per order.

Now before you business starts snapping as many shots as your camera can take, consider the following dos and dont’s of Pinterest for businesses.



Never Create Uncategorised Boards –

Think of each pinboard on your Pinterest page as a pre-millennial collage in a scrap book, only more refined and digital. It is a collection of similar images that follow a common theme suited to your business and your brand’s voice.

If you mash a bunch of collages together you may have some nice images, but you will create to much chaos for followers.

Organise your pinboards to have common themes, only attracting your target users to what interests them most.

Never Post Links Outside Of Your Pins –

With all social media, you must play by the rules. Pinterest allow links as long as they are attached to an image, they are not meant to be posted elsewhere.

Although this might not seem like a big deal, but Pinterest take it seriously and you risk being banned, and maybe not allowed back on the platform. Just to make sure your are staying within the guidelines, you can check out Pinterest rules here. 

Pinning With No Purpose –

Like all social platforms, it’s easy for users to get lost in the wormhole, and Pinterest is no different. I know first hand the appeal of Pinterest pins and how easy it is to get lost in the overflow of wonderful images and information, but you cannot lose sight of your businesses marketing goals.

With each pinboard you must think of what your campaign is trying to achieve through your content, and design accordingly to advance your goals.

Yes it’s great to pin images that go viral, but you’d be much better off sharing images that directly relate to your business and provide valuable content for your audience.

Never Post Content Without Any Text –

Creating or posting thought and curiosity-provoking images on Pinterest can be great for generating like and shares, but users won’t necessarily think about your company. Image pins without captions are like artwork; you are leaving them open to complete interpretation.

Make sure you provide your audience with context in your content and tell them what they are looking at.

Leave a clue to the backstory in your caption which forces curious user’s to click on your image link and navigate your Pinterest Profile.


Utilise Other Social Platforms –

Every business should be posting on several social platforms daily for any ROI. The key is to connect all social profiles through effective content posting that creates curiosity and drives traffic from one of your social platforms to Pinterest (Usually from the more popular profile).

Ask questions to your audiences and request their answers to be shared as images on Pinterest. This boosts engagement on all platforms and can drastically grow your Pinterest profile.

Become The Keyword King (or Queen) –

SEO is excellent for aiding your companies marketing efforts, and even on Pinterest you should keep SEO in mind. Posting pins with generic keywords in general categories will only bury your perfect pin amongst the more established brands using Pinterest.

Aim to focus on ‘long-tail’ keywords suited to your brands products and services to drive quality leads to your page.

Use Analytics To Improve Marketing Efforts –

If you are serious about using social media for your brands marketing efforts, you need to know whats working and how well your campaigns are progressing, otherwise whats the point right?

Pinterest Business allows for site analytics, but there are a variety of tools to really dig deep into your campaigns and optimise your pins for the best results.

Tailwind (they acquired PinReach) is a great all-in-one tool that provides you with tracking of Pinterest and Instagram efforts, smart insights to your audience, and optimisation to deliver content you know your audience will love! You can try the FREE trial here.

Hashtags Help To Sync Your Campaigns –

Good news – Hashtags have not been officially trademarked yet so that allows you to utilise them for your business. Using consistent hashtags across all social platforms that employ them (Facebook are not keen on them), you are allowing your business to be found so much easier.

The point being, if a user sees your content from your campaign on Pinterest, they can easily follow your campaigns to Instagram, Twitter, or Google+.

You can add hashtags to your pin images or leave them in the caption, but be unique to your business, industry, or specific campaign for full effectiveness.

Looking to get more from your social media marketing? – Get in touch today to see what we offer and how we can help you achieve your social marketing campaign objectives.

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