Does Twitter Make Us Better Writers?


By now you’re most likely already on Twitter (and if not, you should be!).

It’s not only a place for business and marketers, Twitter can be be a great platform to spruce up your writing skills.

“Practice Makes Progress” – Unknown

That’s right, Twitter can make you a better writer. Here’s how:

Twitter Forces You To Hone Your Editing Skills – 

Every writer must be able to edit their own work, and Twitter has made this possible so that even average Joe’s can craft a message that is top-notch.

Think of it like a game, you have 140 characters to get your message across in way that inspires your followers to take action – To retweet your post, or to click on your link.

With only 140 characters, Twitter forces you to think hard about your tweet and really utilise your vocabulary in order to shorten your message whilst still getting your point across clearly.

Take some time to really edit your tweets and you’d be amazed how quickly you will notice a dramatic improvement in your writing.

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

Concise Micro-Blogging At It’s Finest –

Once again we’re mentioning the 140 character limit Twitter sets for it’s platform (I suppose they had to differ from the other social platforms).

Now keep in mind this is 140 characters, not words, not letters, but characters!

There’s not much room to fit a decent message with a call to action, Twitter counts letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation and spaces all count as characters

In other words, you must be concise.

You need to know exactly what you want to say, how you want to say it, and be able to write your message in as few words as possible. Many writers (and small business owners) are ‘wordy’ and will often have drawn out messages with little call to action.

I know it can be difficult to create a meaningful tweet without rambling on, but Twitter forces you to. No one goes on Twitter to see your 10 minute page post about how your bad your day was, save it for Facebook!

analysis blackboard board bubble

I recommend spending time to shadow leading brands in your industry to analyse how they are wording their content and adapt their techniques to suit your brand’s voice – This will give you plenty of ideas to get started.

Twitter Exercises Your Vocabulary –

Time to dust off your dictionaries and thesauruses (or just use google).

Due to the character limit on Twitter, you are forced to find words that are more descriptive, shorter, and get the message out clearer than ever before.

Finding synonyms for longer words can be effective when tweeting, as well as finding stronger verbs to use will surely improve your vocabulary both on Twitter, and in everyday life.

Twitter makes your life easier by telling you how many characters your tweet is over the limit, and I can guarantee you that most newbies to the platform will end up with 150 characters at least.

This a great starting point to spend 5 minutes editing your message to make it sound better whilst still being concise.

Yet another reason you should be using Twitter. Not that you needed one. Try out these tips to improve your writing on Twitter:

  • Be thorough when editing your Tweets
  • Be concise and find the best fit verbs and synonyms
  • Shadow larger competitors and analyse their tweet structure
  • Your first Tweet won’t be perfect – “Practice makes progress”

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