5 Steps To Grow Your LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing Success


As a small business owner or industry professional, the most powerful social media platform you can use is LinkedIn. There’s a certain mindset LinkedIn users have when they spend their time on the platform. Users are not there to browse through pictures and videos of their friends.

They surely don’t go there to share 140 character statuses with their peers, and they sure as hell are not there to watch “baby shark” parodies…

Every social media platform has their unique place and purpose in the digital world; none of them have the professionally focused power of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn means business – Your social profile says everything about who you are professionally, and since it tends to rank well on Google search results for your name, people will reach out to LinkedIn when researching you, your company, product, or services; In other words, your LinkedIn profile will have an impact on the amount of business you do on LinkedIn. Believe me, there’s a lot of business to be done on the platform.

marketing school business idea

Here are 5 ways to enhance the copy on your personal and business profile to ensure you make the most of LinkedIn and its business potential:

  1. Its All About The Headline –

Headlines are everything. They are used in newspapers, magazines, and blogs to grab consumers attention and make them curious enough to reach the first lines. They are just as important on your LinkeIn profile as the headline is the first thing that show’s up whenever someone searches online. You can employ the simple formula below to ensure your headline isn’t terrible. You must tell people specifically:

    1. Who you are
    2. Who you help
    3. How you help them

This must be done using fewest words possible for full effect. Make your headline compelling and you’ll profile will see a rise in meaningful profile traffic.


  1. Check Your Spelling. Now Check Again –

News flash; you have no idea just how many deals are happening on LinkedIn daily. There are plenty of success stories about people landing their dream job, finding investors, receiving sponsorship’s, selling out event tickets, and the list goes on.

The business potential provided by LinkedIn is astonishing, nearly unlimited. However, there are a select few that are turned off by prospects who have a plain profile, or even worse, dreaded spelling mistakes. Make sure everything is spell-checked and even have someone else review your profile for improvements.

You know what they say about first impressions… So check your SPELLING!

  1. Social Proof Is In The Pudding –

Not that sort of pudding. Social proof helps to influence people into making “buying” decisions. LinkedIn makes this incredibly easy for users by providing 3 primary sections for you to add social proof:

  1. Education – Add the college or university you attended provides your education credentials, and will improve the value of your personal brand.
  2. Recommendations – The more you have on your profile, the better. This form of social proof adds credibility and authority, but best practice is to give them out first.
  3. Awards – Bragging rights allowed. Include any past accomplishments or industry recognised awards that will increase the value of your LinkedIn profile.


  1. Let’s Get Personal –

Although it’s classed as the “professional” social network, you may want to reserve the first part of your LinkedIn summary to add a personal note about yourself.

Remember though its not a CV. People don’t want to look at a resume of bullet points of past achievements, they want to know a little bit about your background – they want to know WHO YOU ARE.

To achieve this, add personal touches such as an intro about your goals, what your passions are, and what you love to do in life (not pretending to be a baby when eating haribos!).

The small touch of transparency will help you connect on a personal level with anyone who views your profile.

  1. Enticing Call To Action –

One of the worst mistakes you can make on LinkedIn is not having a magical call to action (CTA) in which users cannot resist the urge to click, it’s usually a “FREE Sign Up” or subscribe.

If you spend time to develop an interesting profile but it doesn’t lead people anywhere, all the hard work could be in vain. In your profile summary, or in a welcome video, make sure people know where to go for more information, what number they can call for a free consultation, or the best email they can get you on.

Do not leave potential customers and clients hanging around on your profile. Give them a place to go to next, but make sure you give them a good reason to go there.


BONUS: Ignore The Crowd And Stand Out –

With nearly 130 million LinkeIn profiles, many of them look the same; all going for the “glamour shot” with not much substance. Instead, be creative with your copy to market yourself on LinkdeIn, stand out, and keep people coming back to your profile.

Add LinkedIn’s blog application, sync it with your twitter updates, or use other advanced applications to help your profile be distinctive from the rest.

As LinkedIn continues to grow in numbers and attract more media attention, it will prove to add more value to your brand and business to become more prominent in your industry. If you want to get the most out of your efforts with LinkedIn, take the time right now to implement these 6 steps and watch your profile rise in popularity.

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