Social Media Essentials For Your Business

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In today’s society, every company be it small or large, must have a social media presence. Social media presence builds trust and makes your company a lot more accessible, rather than the same old ‘info’ email address.

Social media use enhances your brand awareness, search engine ranking, website traffic and much more, connecting you and your employees with the rest of your industry and of course, potential customers.


We will not go too deep into the benefits of social media here, so let’s get into the bare essentials you need to establish best practices and a strong foundation for your online presence.

  1. Understand Your Customers –

You may think you already understand your customers, ‘they have a problem or idea and you are the company they chose to handle the work’But you’re wrong!

Your products/services are not for everyone, but are focused on a specific industry market niche. Creating an ‘attractive character’ will focus your entire company on what exactly your customers really want.

When developing your marketing strategies, having a specific target market based on your ‘attractive character’ can really define your next move.

The basic profiling demographics such as age, gender, location, hobbies, income etc. can be collected from various sources:

  • Site analytics
  • Feedback analysis
  • Existing database
  • Social media research
  • Paid advertising analysis

There are many other ways to define your attractive character and of course it is a time-consuming process, but once you define your attractive character, you can plan your company’s marketing strategies.

  1. Use Imagery –

As the famous Chinese proverb goes – “One picture is worth a thousand words”. This is the most essential part of building your brands social media following on all platforms.

Humans are visual creatures and we would rather see a curiosity/though-provoking image rather than reading a news article on the same subject.

Unique imagery that gives your followers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your company and the day-to-day progress of your work will significantly boost your following and set you apart the crowd.

It makes your business seem more approachable when you post engaging images of employees hard at work, or the office pet – whatever it is, be creative! You could also add your company logo with each post to spread your brand awareness when your images are shared or liked.

  1. Avoid Branded Content ™ –

Branded content is great when creating educational ‘how to’ videos or advertising, but over using branded content for every post will fatigue your followers as they become used to seeing the same type of information over and over.

Third party materials like industry-specific information, mentions of your company on other sites, news articles, and joint ventures are just some examples of third-party content your audience might enjoy.

These three essential are the foundations of your social media platforms; everyone loves to see posts that they can relate to, so define your ‘attractive character’, post creative imagery, and get involved with third parties to maintain a diverse social presence.

Our advice is to prioritise one or two social platforms that work best for your brand and audience. If you are the head honcho of your business you probably have thousands of other things to do, so invest in a social media manager to help you with this.

If it just isn’t working for you yet, try other strategies, ask your audience questions, get some help, but what ever you do, don’t give up!

Every business must utilise social media if they want to keep up with the Joneses”


If you don’t intend to do it well, don’t even bother to start, just stick to your company website and be done with it. There is nothing worse than seeing a company with a blog article or LinkedIn profile and the last entry was over a year ago.

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